About Us

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Gran Designs WA was borne out of desire to provide affordable, alternate and sustainable housing solutions to families and communities in Western Australia.
We market an exciting range of stylish, contemporary Prefabricated Modular Homes, Container Homes and Granny Flats.



We provide a huge range of buildings from small studio size dwellings covering 15sqm right through to 4 bed, 2 bath homes of up to 125sqm. So whether you are after a granny flat, a teenagers retreat, extra bedrooms for an expanding family, a home office, a rental unit or a brand new home, Gran Designs WA has the perfect building for you.

We can install your Modular Home or Granny Flat for you or you can choose to do-it-yourself with an Owner Builders license. We will also seamlessly manage the entire project for you from council approval through to installation and addition of any optional extras you may want.

If you choose to build and manage it yourself, we will provide certification for all materials and products to ensure a smooth building approval process to give you complete peace of mind.

Gran Designs WA Modular Homes are built from one or more modules, or ‘pods’, organised in different ways to create your ideal home. One of the fantastic features is that you can add more pods later to enlarge your living space or increase the number of bedrooms, expanding your home as your circumstances change.

Due to our build techniques – we can bring these homes to you at lower cost! Plus, did you know that you can even move your home at a later date!

Gran Designs WA produce two different width pods: the standard 2.4m wide and the larger 3.4m wide. The pods can be 6m or 12m in length and 2.89m high. The 3.4m-wide pods come with external cladding already installed, while the standard 2.4m pods have corrugated Corten steel sides. The roof and decking shown in the images of our modular homes and granny flats are for illustration purposes only, but if you want them they can be added by us or by any builder following installation of the modular building.

The company aims to be at the forefront in housing technology and is committed to achieving affordable, sustainable housing. This has led to a formal agreement with the School of Photovoltaics and the Faculty of Built Environment at the world-renowned University of New South Wales. Our supplier is an ‘essential participant’ with the University’s Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living.

Our supplier is working with this body to develop new housing technologies to reduce our carbon footprint. The ultimate goal is to produce a fully sustainable home that doesn’t need to be connected to any external services such as power, water or sewerage. This collaboration will cement our position as a leader in our industry and allow us to bring you the most advanced, environmentally sustainable products in the world.



All the materials and workmanship in our homes, including the plumbing and electrical installations meet or exceed all Australian and New Zealand standards, the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and the 6-star energy rating.  The frames also have a C4 cyclone rating.  While the windows and glass doors are currently rated N3, but we are in the process of upgrading to a C2 rating in the foreseeable future.